Clarify your Purpose. Build your Faith. Succeed in Business. 

Deep down inside, you know that your Life is Meant for More...

I know how you feel.
I know what it feels like to have that inner tug of war. You want to blossom where you've been planted but sometimes it's hard.
You know that your life has meaning & purpose, but you're trying to find the courage & clarity to move forward.
I get it. 

As a First Lady, Leading Business Coach & Founder of Maximum Potential Academy, I had to ask God to give me the courage to live a life that was authentic to who HE created me to be.

Once I truly embraced the unique gifts He'd given me and took consistent action, I was able to empower and equip others with the confidence & courage they needed to move forward. 

You're not alone. I'm here to help. 

3 Ways I Can Help You Move Forward

You CAN Maximize Your
Potential & Succeed in Business

The More Boldly You Walk in Your Purpose, The Greater Impact You Can Make

 You can transform your business and your life by boldly walking in your purpose. 

Clarify Your Purpose, Deepen Your Faith and Succeed in Business

 Get clear on your  deepest "why" and watch your success & significance skyrocket. 

Create Consistent Recurring Revenue in Your Business

You have excellent ideas, a growing audience and a heart to help others. Build a plan for consistent cash.  

What People Are Saying...

"Not only is she passionate but she is able to deliver on her promise to clarify, amplify and thrive. Your life will never be the same - it will be better.”

Dan Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author
48 Days to the Work You Love & Creative Thinker

"Jevonnah is an extraordinary leader. She is a stellar example of what it means to run a successful business while standing strong in her integrity and faith. Her character and committment to excellence are phenomenal."

Michael Hyatt, New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of Platform University

"Within a couple of months of coaching, I knew how God wanted me to use my talents & I had an energy I hadn't experienced in years. 
Lady J encouraged me with each call & helped me develop a plan for the future. I now have confidence in myself & goals! 

Karen Tyner, Entrepreneur, Writer & Private Practice Attorney

You may be seen as successful, but know that your life can have an even bigger impact. 

...but sometimes you feel stuck & fear gets loud. 

You want to live a life of intention AND serve others exceptionally well. 

You’re full of amazing potential but sometimes you get frustrated, burned-out & overwhelmed because you're not getting the results you want. 

You want to clarify your purpose, amplify your strengths, and thrive financially from what you ALREADY know. 

You’re ready to drop the act, discover your authentic calling and truly succeed in life and business. 

Ready to Move Forward? 

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